Friday, 6 January 2012

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Door hangers explained!

There have been some questions about door hangers, so I thought I'd clear it up for y'all!

In the USA, the mail boxes (typically at the end of people's drives) belong to the American Postal Service, so it's therefore illegal to put anything into these mail boxes, or stick or hang anything on them. Because they have mailboxes, no one has letter boxes in their front doors, and therefore the best alternative to a leaflet is a door hanger. Think of a hotel "do not disturb" sign - and that's a door hanger! Now picture the "do not disturb" sign with a Slimming World design - and that's a Slimming World door hanger!

Carol and I have found that the time to physically hang the hanger on each door is quicker than putting a leaflet through each door, however as you'll know from earlier blog entries, the houses are typically bigger here, so the walk between each house takes longer. Also, the big difference is the weather. With temperatures currently around 84 degrees in the morning, rising to an average of 102 degrees in the afternoon and not starting to cool down until around 8pm, it's hot - damn hot! The maximum time I've spent 'on the street' so far is 3 hours, and I regretted that! We're averaging 50 door hangers per person in 42 minutes in my household (that is just myself and Thomas, 8 years old!) and Carol's crew are way ahead at 100 hangers per person, per hour (a 1/4 of which are army trained though - her son Alexander has arrived to help!). Carol's also doing well at gathering help (a fire woman who does the admin at the church in which she has her Tues pm group, and potentially a couple of young men who live accross the road).

I've found that crocs with socks are the most comfortable shoes (when you have blisters!) for doorhanging - any other ideas welcome (please!!). All I can say is that Consultants must all have the most solid of calves! Wearing sunglasses is not a good idea - I have "panda eyes" from my 3 hour stint yesterday - brown nose and face and white eyes - attractive!

I've been told of two apartment blocks in The Colony that have 250 apartments per block where the manager of the block (if they like you!) will hang your hangers for you. I have to say, it's very tempting, but I know that it wouldn't count as part of my prongs, as I wouldn't know that they had hung them.....what would you do? Post your answers on the comments link............

I'm handing over the writing of the blog to Carol for the weekend, as we're moving into our house on Friday - yes, we really are!!!! It's buggered up the community activities that I had planned for Friday and Saturday (where's my commitment?!), so back to the drawing board next week...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I'm a blag queen!

Today has been a promotion spectacular!

This morning 350 door hangers hung in the Colony. This afternoon word of mouthing wherever I went!

I've managed to talk my way into a breakfast "networking" meeting on Friday morning, and got a table at a business expo on Saturday am. More into my stride with it now - you just have to talk to anyone and everyone!

My two groups are opening in two different cities (towns) and I now know that I will never set a new Consultant up to open two groups at the same time in two different towns - such hard work driving backwards and forwards to each city. By far the easiest to promote is the one where I am going to be living - word of mouth at school today - invited to parents meeting next Friday (more WOM - yipee!).

Funny how we get told all this, but it's not until you actually do it for yourself......!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A meeting of great minds!

Today I met with the Houston lawyers that have been working with us on various items in preparation for our launch, most importantly our Consultant Contract. This has proved to be a mine field, but we're very nearly there with it now. It's all been really interesting to work on and things will be quite different to how they are in the UK, for example, we will be charging more for our franchise, charging Consultants for any training after Foundation training, maybe having the contract so that Consultants have to re-train every two years to have their licence re-newed - no licence, no group! And the earnings will be capped at 40% to start with.

Are you all still keen to come to the USA?!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Freedom of speech?!

A very interesting couple of days! After my run in with the MOG, Carol and I checked out the permit situation, and it turns out that every city has its own rules.

So in Frisco, I need a permit to doorhang. I can doorhang from 9am - 7pm Mon - Fri and 10am - 5pm on a Sat or Sun. Permit costs $35 for 6 months and anyone that doorhangs with me also needs a permit at $35! In The Colony I can doorhang from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week, and do not need a permit (so long as I don't talk to anyone!). If Thomas helps me, it is considered as child labor (absolutely!!) and I need to sign consent forms, am not allowed to take him further than 30 miles away from home, and he can only doorhang from 10am - 7pm on any given day! In Flowermound, Carol cannot doorhang on a Sun or bank hol and can only hang from 9am - 5pm. Carol doesn't need a permit, so long as she doesn't talk to anyone! OK, I know - Carol needs a permit!!!!!

So I guess we should be grateful to the MOG, as without him, we would never have known any of this! Andy says that I'm just the same with bonfires (not before 6pm)!

PS: You may have noticed that I have removed my previous posting containing the F word (no, not that F word), as on reflection I decided that I may cause offence (apologies if I have), and my mum reads my blog - and she wouldn't approve - sorry mum!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Door hanging - Day 2!

Ow, ow, ow! Didn't realise I was quite so out of shape!!

As my Monday night venue wasn't confirmed until a few days ago, the doorhangers for that group arrived from the UK unprinted, so we're stickering as we go. American labels don't fit in my English printer, so Carol's doing the honors for me, so Thomas and I put out the 100 doorhangers that we had left for Frisco this am. 43 mins and 88 degrees.

We did our first evening shift tonight, starting at 6.30pm (and 97 degrees) - we managed a measly 150 before Thomas knee's started giving way underneath him!!

We've just worked out that we need to hang at least 273 per day, every day to get them all done in time before we open - no problem!!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Door Hanging - Day 1!

Thomas and I started to try and put a dent in our 6,000 doorhangers today. We left home hotel!) at 8am when it was a very cool 88 degrees. Averaged 42 minutes per 100 doorhangers (between the two of us!), had to stop at 11.20am, as it was a "too hot to have your 8 year old walking in this heat" 104 degrees. Told Andy that we need him and Drew in a support vehicle tomorrow for regular refreshment (and resuscitation!) so that we can get a few more done, as at this rate we will take another 14 days to get these done!!

Only met one MOG (miserable old git!) who asked to see my 'permit'. Of course, I didn't have one, but apparently 'the city' require anyone doorhanging in Frisco to have a permit - oops, better get myself to city hall on Monday! So that's a permit for doorhanging, a permit for a banner - I wonder if you need a permit for word of mouth?!!